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Mining / Energy

  • Mining utilities infrastructure engineering specialising in gas management and utilisation
  • Procurement and Sale of Gas and Electricity for both generation and consumption
  • Gas drainage and utilisation systems for underground coal mining
  • Mine ventilation systems specialising in ventilation air methane abatement
  • Design, Operation and Maintenance risk assessment, FMECA and associated maintenance strategies

Carbon / Environmental

  • Carbon footprint management
  • Carbon emission measurement, reporting and reduction
  • Pre audit support and documentation for NGERS, GGAS, EES, MRET and Clean Energy Acts
  • Direct Action Policy / ETS / CDM project opportunities and proposal development
  • Environmental performance improvement specialising in water treatment, recycling and reuse

Electrical Engineering

  • Electrical engineering services focused on high voltage network connections
  • Design and specification development
  • All forms of electrical engineering from intrinsically safe to 66kV
  • Measurement and control systems, SCADA and PLCs
  • OEM equipment specification verification inspection and reporting